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DJR Realty

DJR Realty, Inc. is a San Diego based real estate brokerage dealing in land, residential homes, and commercial properties.  DJR’s experience in real estate development offers a unique skill set and access to its consultant teams.

(CalBRE# 01968921)


DJR Realty has significant competitive advantages in residential-land transactions of any size and most commercial-land transactions, given DJR Companies’ background in real estate development.  This includes those properties with existing structures that may have redevelopment potential or are otherwise underutilizing the space given existing zoning, general, specific, and community plans.

Valuing land or any property with development potential can be difficult without DJR’s ability to determine a property’s highest and best use.  One can look at comparable sales, if they are available or even comparable, and it’s possible for some to create financial models as our team does.  But most brokerage teams have never been through the development and construction of a property.  DJR applies site design, value engineering, development and construction costing, market analysis, and financial modeling rooted in extensive development and construction management experience to best determine a property’s market value.

We are developers that know real estate, thus a brokerage that understands value.


On the development side of things, it is DJR’s job to dive into communities, all of which are unique, and analyze the market for potential homebuyers or renters on a residential or multifamily site.  Thus, our ability to valuate properties, realize market trends, acquire at the right price, and exceed sales pricing literally effects our bottom line and that of our clients or partners.

Buying or Selling a Home:  If you are in the market to purchase or sell residential property in and around San Diego County, qualities such as DJR’s expert knowledge of market trends, greater economic trends (think home prices, mortgage rates, etc. – what effects them), and due diligence procedures make a crucial difference. Many are surprised at what goes into a seemingly simple real estate transaction.  It can be the little things DJR understands that save you time, money, and allow for the best decision.

When it comes down to it, do you want an agent who is good at selling him or herself or at selling real estate?


DJR participates in a number of varying commercial development activities including site selection, market analysis, financial modeling, entitlements, permitting, design, city/agency processing, consultant/contractor management, and construction management.  As such, DJR Realty acts on many transactions in roles ranging from the client’s broker, to referrals, to partnering with other brokers or purely consulting the client on transaction-related broker-type activities… often combined with our project management services on behalf of the client or our partners.

DJR Realty thus typically brokers acquisition and sales of properties with development potential, although that certainly does not preclude the team from applying these skills to most commercial property transactions.

Consulting Services:

DJR’s development expertise and project management capabilities allow the team to offer effective consulting services throughout real estate transactions, whether the client is working with a broker already or not.

Many potential clients and brokers do not realize how DJR’s skills augment another broker’s services. DJR can work in a purely consulting capacity in these situations, an added offering for the broker and usually the key member of the client’s team as DJR typically serves in the role of project manager.  Both property owners and brokers call upon DJR to consult on the highest and best use for their properties or those of their clients.

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